Wisdom teeth: why do we have them?

It can sometimes be really difficult to understand why we have wisdom teeth – especially when they are giving us absolute hell! The pain of a wisdom tooth coming through really can’t be compared to anything else, and although almost all of us will go through that pain at some point in our lives, there is no way to prepare yourself for the discomfort and constant ache that it brings. So why on earth do we have wisdom teeth when they do not seem to do anything in particular, except hurt?

Some people believe that wisdom teeth grow when you have a certain amount of wisdom and experience, which is why they only start to grow in our mid teenage years to our early twenties – and for some people, even later! However, that is just a misunderstanding of the nickname that these particular teeth have gained because of the circumstances. Evolutionary scientists have a different idea. They believe that we had these teeth because of the different kinds of food that we used to eat hundreds and thousands of years ago, that was much rougher and less cooked, so much tougher on our teeth. As we grow older, the adult teeth that we had had for almost a decade would already be struggling to chomp through some of the food that we would depend on for nutrients, so up appeared these teeth later on to take over. It may seem a little strange, but the pain that our ancestors would have felt would have been nothing compared to starving to death!

For many in San Diego wisdom teeth extraction treatment is the best way to deal with the pain that wisdom teeth bring, but taking such a large tooth out is not so easy as you may think. Unlike other teeth in your mouth that you may have had removed due to decay, or to make sure that orthodontic braces will fit, wisdom teeth are much larger and go much deeper into your jawline. That means that if you decide to have them out – or your dentist advises you that it is in your best interests to have them taken out – the procedure can take that much longer, and you may need a little more time in order to recover. On average, dentists reckon that a person who is having just one wisdom tooth removed may need around three days at home doing absolutely nothing to recover, and plenty of pain relief in order to get through it. In extreme cases, it can take up to a week for the person to recover.

But sometimes it is better to have them out than to leave them in, and many dentists will agree that even in the worst cases, the patient starts to feel the benefit of having their wisdom tooth out within two weeks. No more pain, no more discomfort, and you’ll never have to worry about them starting to hurt again. That makes three days in bed feel like an easy price to pay! It’s strange to think that just one tiny little decision could change the way that your body feels, but it is just like any other sort of medical treatment – like for back pain, migraines, or other uncomfortable pain. If you don’t take the treatment, then you cannot be surprised that the pain continues!

If you live in San Diego wisdom teeth removal is something that any of the best dentists will be able to offer, so why not have a chat with your local dentist and see what they have to say about your wisdom teeth?

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