Which is better –Anavar or Winstrol?

Many people are confused between the overwhelming Steroid options to use as there are so many steroids which can serve the same purpose. But, something which is most popular in fitness and bodybuilding communities are talks about Anavar and Winstrol. However, both of them are capable of providing impressive results to enhance their overall physique and get a lean and ripped body. They almost produce the same results but the mechanism and working of each differs a lot from other. Actually, there are lots of things to look on before considering anyone superior over other.  Which has more benefits? What are the side effects of them? Can they be stacked up together for additional benefits? If these are the questions which are popping in your mind then you are on the right place. Here, we have included all necessary information by looking at resultats apres 2 semaines for each one of them.

Anavar vs. Winstrol

Anavar has become one such drug which is used by both men and women in athletic and bodybuilding community. This popular steroid is especially for those who want to shed off the excess fat from their body quickly and safely. Not only this, this steroid has also been proven to treat various acute disorders and other medical conditions like Osteoporosis, chronic infections and also for healing physical trauma and weight gain while fighting HIV/ AIDS and after a heavy surgery.  Apart from its various medical uses, it is also used by people to enhance their performance and improve strength and endurance.  The resultats apres 2 semaines can be on your favor if you stick to the proposed dosage cycle best for your body and are wary of its possible side effects. Anavar is however stronger than Winstrol and the normal consumption of the former is about 20 mg to 100 mg. For male athletes, this amount is recommended to about 0.125 mg per kilogram. The female athletes and bodybuilders mostly don’t consume more than 20 mg per day. This is the ideal choice for women who want to get quick and impressive result without the risk of virilization (adoption of male characteristics in female). However, people use Winstrol along with Anavar to avoid some negative side effects associated with both of them as Winstrol has relatively high androgenic rating but is mild as considered to Anavar. The other Steroid which can be combined with Anavar is Halotestin, balance, Primobolan and HGH.

In spite of Winstrol being less susceptible to many risky side effects, Anavar is considered more suitable if the user want quick and somewhat better result. Both the drugs are mostly used for cutting cycles and can help you get a ripped and toned body. Many experts advise using Anavar for increasing strength and endurance and Winstrol for promoting lean muscle gain. However, Winstrol is less effective and hard on joints but is cheaper than Anavar. Actually, both of them are quite extremely good, it’s just a matter of what you exactly want- tight muscle or better strength.