What is the Dental Panoramic X-Ray Machine?

A dental panoramic x ray machine is mainly used by dentists and physicians who want to study and diagnose your facial features. The x-ray machine provides them with the details of your teeth, nose, brain, and other vital organs that are present in the face. This helps them to get clear images of the tissues and enables them to prescribe the right medications.

What is a Panoramic X-ray?

A panoramic x-ray can be got from the dental panoramic x-ray machine. The panoramic x-ray is also known as panoramic radiography. The two-dimensional (2-D) dental x-ray image is able to capture the inner parts of your mouth. The inner parts are the lower and upper jaws, surrounding tissues, and teeth.

The jaw is shaped like a curve. That makes it hard to take a proper image. When your dentist wants to get a clear image of your inner parts, then he or she needs a flat image. That is not possible with traditional x-ray images. However, with the help of the panoramic x-ray image, your dentist gets a flat image of your inner areas.

The x-ray image is got by exposing you to small doses of radiation which gives the images of your interiors. In the traditional method to take x-ray image, a film is placed on the area. But, with the x-ray machine, the panoramic x-ray is present inside the machine. It is easier to take x-ray images using the machine.

What are uses of this procedure?

The panoramic x-ray is done by dentists and surgeons when they want a clear image of the interiors of your body before giving treatments or doing a surgery. The main benefit here is that the x-ray image helps in covering a large area when compared to the traditional x-ray image. This helps in taking images of position of your tooth, sinuses, and bone and gum irregularities.

The x-ray pictures helps in viewing affected teeth, advanced periodontal diseases, cysts in the mouth, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), oral cancer and tumors, and sinusitis.

What is the appearance of the equipment?

The machine consists of two horizontal arms. The horizontal arm comes with the x-ray tube. The other arm comes with the detector. These two equipments are required for a dentist or physician to be able to capture the right image. The patient is positioned with their forehead, chin, and side rests.

A bite blocker is provided to keep the mouth of the patient open.

The dental panoramic X ray machine is a very useful machine for dentists and surgeons to be able to get clear images of the interiors parts of the mouth and provide the proper treatment.