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Top 7 Common Signs of Piles for You

There are different kinds of illnesses and diseases that different people go through. While some of them are not painful, there are others that can be quite painful. There are also some diseases that begin with mild to moderate pains or cramps and then extend up to severe to unbearable pains, if not treated in time. One of such health related issues is piles, wherein the pain starts mildly, but, if not treated in time or ignored for a longer period of time, ends with unbearable pain.

Piles are not as uncommon as thought. The only thing is that people do not believe in disclosing such medical conditions because they feel too shy or embarrassed in doing so. However, one must begin with medicines if he really wishes to get rid of the painful piles. In fact, all the doctors and health experts suggest that right from the time an individual goes through certain symptoms or signs – he should get himself checked for piles. If he does not wish to begin with allopathic treatments, he can always opt for ayurvedic medicine for piles and get the pains treated right from the roots.

So, what are the different signs of piles? Following are the seven common symptoms of this medical condition:

  • Visible bleeding in anusIf all of a sudden the toilet paper seems bright red, it is a sign that you are bleeding from your anus. This is not a common thing. Some women often confuse period blood with the blood of anus; however, there’s a lot of difference between the two. While period blood is deep red (maroon in color), when you bleed from the anus, you have this bright or ‘loud’ red colored blood, which must get checked immediately.
  • Stinging or pinching pains in the anusAt times, you don’t realize that you have piles, unless you have these stinging or pinching pains ‘down there’, especially while sitting.
  • Lump in the anusSelf-examination is very much essential. If you are going through any of the other symptoms mentioned in this article, you must check for a lump in your anus.
  • Continuous white dischargeIf you have been discharging a lot of ‘mucus’, it is not just another pre-menstrual cycle symptom or anything; you surely need to get yourself checked by a health expert or at least begin with ayurvedic medicine for piles.
  • Swelling in the anusIf, all of a sudden, there’s some sort of a swelling in or around the anus, you may be going through piles.
  • Itchiness or ‘weird’ sensations around the anusIt is okay to have itching sensations at times, but if it is a constant one, it may be a sign of piles.
  • The more you ‘poo’, the more you wish toAt times, you may have this feeling that the bowels have not emptied properly or completely.

About the author:

Peter Swift has written more than 450 articles on health and fitness. He has personally faced the condition of piles for which he bought ayurvedic medicine for piles around two years ago.