Tips to Increase Muscle Mass after Losing Weight

After applying different weight loss strategies you have achieved your ideal body weight. Losing weight was not an easy task for you, but after losing weight, you are facing many challenges. Along with losing weight, you have lost your muscle mass. No doubt, you are looking slim, but you have become saggy also. People who are concerned about their looks and have lost weight for vanity may feel insecure. If they will not get positive results, they will lose confidence. The only way to enhance your confidence level is by increasing lean muscle mass in your body. Have a word with your physical trainer about post cycle therapy for fast muscle gain results.

You can achieve this by following the underwritten tips, which are simple and easy to follow.

Increase Healthy Calories

The best time to increase muscle mass in your body is right after weight loss. You can increase 150 calories in a day. Consume complex carbohydrates and good quality protein. You can eat pineapples, banana, whole grain breads, sweet potatoes and beans.

Do Not Forget Resistance Training

Bodybuilders are aware that resistance training is a wonderful way to increase muscle mass. For quick results do those exercises which target big muscle groups. They also call it as compound exercises. These exercises will also increase your body’s strength and some of these exercises are squats, pushups and dead lifts.

You can discuss your physical instructor as how to complete these exercises. You can do three sets of one exercise, which has around 10-12 repetitions. In order to give pressure on your muscles, decrease the rest period of your exercises. You can maintain the rest period of one minute. Resting for more time will not benefit in any way.

Rest Days

It is obvious to get bored with the same types of exercise you do. In order to change it a littleand benefit psychologically, increases the rest period after your workout sessions. Bodybuilders who are working hard, they are trained to achieve something big. They work out only two or three days in a week. Fitness experts also suggest to take a gap of 10 or more days when you hit a plateau. When you find that your size is not increasing and you are not benefiting from heavy weight exercises. This is the right time to take a break. People who are exercising not to increase their muscle mass, they just want to stay fit and healthy, need not to apply this.

Supplemental Protein

Protein is known as building blocks for your muscles that is why it is necessary to consume protein which has amino acids. This contributes in increasing muscle mass and to achieve this, you are supposed to consume 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight. You can increase the amount of protein according to your individual requirements. Generally, it is difficult to consume this much of the protein that is why protein supplements are considered. Before exercising, you are in need of carbohydrates as well as protein and right after your workout session you need a protein shake. Consult your physical trainer for post cycle therapyfor fast results in muscle building.