Organizing SF day trips – advice to follow

If you are planning a visit to an excellent city, conventional wisdom states which you should have an itinerary planned for yourself – even you should not follow it to the letter. All things considered, while sunlight is still glowing and up every Voyager needs to benefit from nearby destinations. Nonetheless, what if this great city you are seeing is a peninsula city bounded by natural limits, San Francisco? How does one deal with the call of a road trip, beginning in SF? And moreover, where does one go?

Well, the solution would be to go across wine states, valleys, luscious green hills, not to mention, the shores of the Pacific: beyond the natural bounds of the property. It’s not hard. After you have crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, you are from San Francisco in Marin County, a place considerably different. Marin is a simple county place among green hills and punctuated by vibrant houses and picturesque towns. And, do not forget to take san francisco food tours.

Another great day trip destination is Sausalito. This picturesque town by the shore can be reached by ferry, car, as well as by bike. With the city region as its backdrop and the San Francisco Bay, Sausalito offers travellers the chance to do some shopping downtown or to relax in a stunning setting. Its proximity to San Francisco means you could get home for dinner after a much-needed day rest. You can even reserve yourself a brief weekend escape in Fort Baker.

Naturally, there is nothing like driving along Highway 1. Drive north to see with Muir Woods and Mount Tam. Go east and strike on the shore and spend a while considering the endless azure waters of the Pacific Ocean. Head further north to see with a charming coastal town filled with artists, Bolinas. Bolinas is only an hour’s drive from San Francisco.

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