Intensive Outpatient Program- Some Important Details

Anyone, who is worried about his loved one, who is addicted to any substance, will be eager to learn about the benefits of taking part in any intensive outpatient program or IOP. You are not an exception. Being aware of the details of this program can actually make the difference in convincing your loved one that he/she needs treatment. This is the reason why it is feasible for the addict to take part in a treatment in reality.

Importance of Intensive Outpatient Program

  • With the help of IOP program, it is possible to reduce the treatment gap by informing the addicts, who are ready to recover and their family members about the treatment methods available.
  • In the IOP program, it is actually possible to reduce the chance of overdosing and self-harm trends among the addicts by informing them about the treatment methodologies.
  • There are various treatment options available for IOP. This type of treatment methodology is designed to allow the addicts continue their treatment while being in their homes. So, different addicts are prescribed different treatment procedures.

The benefits of Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Lower rates: One of the major benefits of joining in an IOP offered by any addiction Canada treatment center is that it comes with lower cost. As the IOP patients don’t stay in the rehab and as fewer resources are used in treatment, therefore the cost of treatment is significantly lower.
  • The scope to live at home: The comfort and stability of living at the homes can be a big motivation for people, to take part in IOP instead of the residential treatment offered in any addiction Canada treatment center. This way, the addicts feel that they are still the part of the community.

Transitioning out of the Intensive Outpatient Program

The rehab facility that offers IOP will continuously assess every patient as he/she progresses through the treatment module. The staff members of these facilities have the required knowledge and experience to determine the right time to start scaling back on the therapeutic activities. Here the patients will also learn about joining the 12- step program for recovery. Besides, the patients can also get assistance on as-per-needed basis from any spiritual counselor. This aftercare facility will be really beneficial for the patients even after completing the IOP session. They would have the skills and confidence to be sober by their own.

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