How to Use Vaginal Suppositories

There are many different types of taking medicine, you can take it in liquid form or you can swallow the medicine but suppositories are the new and different way of taking or you can say inserting medicine into your body via the vagina. A suppository is a small and kind of gadget which is available in oval or round shaped. Vaginal suppositories are a fast way to dissolve medicine in your body and it forces the medicine to work fast rather than taking medicine via the mouth.

 Vaginal Suppository is not the happy way to have medicine but this is helpful for those patients who can’t swallow the medicine by mouth or whom digestive system does not allow them to digest any medicine. Or sometimes patiently becomes so weak that suppositories can be beneficial for them. Today we will tell you how to use suppositories at home by yourself; the tips can be helpful for you if you will follow each of instruction-

  • First of all, if you are feeling like pee then do this and wash properly your vaginal area with soap and lukewarm water.
  • Then wash your hands with anti-bacterial hand wash and dry them.
  • Tear the wrapping of your suppository and carefully hold this.
  • Dip your suppository into the water for lubrication that will help for easy insertion.
  • You will have an applicator with that, place your medicine or suppository on the applicator and hold it carefully from the edge.
  • Find a comfortable position for you, you can lie down on your back side with bent knees or you can also stand on a chair with one leg on chair and other is on floor any position you will like and feel comfort with that.
  • Now softly insert the suppository into vagina slowly and after that press the applicator button which push the suppository in deep on your vagina.
  • Now be still in your position for 5 to10 minutes with closed legs.
  • After 10 minutes you can get up and wash your hands with soap and water.
  • You can throw the remaining material which has been used.
  • Consult your doctor for how many time and days you have to repeat the process.

Suppositories are made with the product like cocoa butter or the healthy material having medicine mixed which melts quickly so if you have extra suppositories then keep it in the fridge. And after inserting the suppository if you feel like something is leaking from vagina then you can also use a sanitary pad which protects you from spoiling your cloths. One can also use suppositories in periods and they are helpful in any bacterial infection or birth control also for vaginal dryness.

Suppositories work faster than swallowing the medicine because it directly blooms into your blood vessels and visit other parts of a body and releases its effect to the patient. Suppositories are available in various types, and easily you can get from any medical shop but before using this once consult your doctorand follow all the instructions.