How to Stay Connected with Your Fitness Routine

So, you’ve nearly quit exercising again, haven’t you? Here, we made sure you stay on your routine and never quit it at any cost. While you can get in good shape by participating regularly in Body Buster bootcamp classes, we have some other activities that you can do on your own.

  1. Take your fitness tools and run to the site every day
  2. Go into traveling mode. Find a good place to do some exercise, do a bit of running for 10 to 15 minutes followed by 10 to 15 pushups. Then run again for 10 to 20 minutes. Repeat the same thing three to four times.
  1. Running up the hill is a good way to stretch your muscles. It requires great effort to run up the hill and you can burn more calories in the process. Plus, the fresh air and environment will only do good to your health.Don’t consider where you run. Even if it is densely populated area, don’t give up. Take a map with you and try to explore your town or city. Change your route after two or three days. That’ll make your routine a little bit more interesting
  1. You can always search for parks in your locality. Perhaps, you want to try another locality where there are bigger parks with better jogging tracks. Don’t hesitate to go there. When you start to get bored, change the location for exercise.
  2. If you have a destination in mind, break your routine into three phases. In first phase, you have to run your way to the gym, park or wherever you intend to train. Then do your drills for 10 to 15 minute. Save your energy for running back to your home.
  3. Join bootcamp fitness classes that offers great workout. There are many ways to work out and it will help you taking some of those exercises in your normal routine later.
  4. When you go out for workout, alone or in fitness bootcamp, the change in the temperature will make a positive effect on your body.
  5. While going out for exercise, especially in the woods, cut yourself off from the world. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear protective gears, or not to tell anyone where you headed. It means you should avoid taking calls. Instead, enjoy the natural beauty of surrounding.
  6. Try your options and try different kinds of activities. if you can, divide the whole week into multiple activities. For instance, you can go for swimming on Saturdays, cycling for Sunday, Skating and running for the rest of the week. These activities will not only keep you busy, they will not make your bore.


The reason people quit workout routine is, they tend to get bored with similar routine. Ultimately, they give up their routine after few weeks or months. This problem can be resolved by altering the routine of workout. So, the golden rule for health is, never give up physical activity but change it. You can make your workouts really interesting, if you modify your routine and add new activities in it.