How dental fillings have changed over the years

It is kind of astonishing when you start to look into it, just how dental fillings have changed over the years. We like to think of ourselves as pretty enlightened and aware of exactly what it is that our teeth need, but it’s almost certain that in ten years, we may think that some of the things that we do now are completely barbaric! That’s why it is strange to consider what we thought of as best practice five, ten, or even twenty years ago – because our processes and procedures have come along so far from there. We did not even realize how backward we were until new technologies and ideas come to the fore, and we were able to improve what we were doing. So exactly what were we doing back then, and what is the future of dental fillings?

Well, for a start we have long had in San Diego tooth restorations that are offered by dentists, but thirty years ago the actual material that would have been used would have looked very different. That is because mercury was used, the same metal that is used within thermometers to get a reading on how hot it is in the place. Although we knew then that mercury was not the safest of materials, it was considered safe enough to be able to go in people’s mouths, which looking back is a really strange decision! Every dentist was doing it, however, and almost anyone who had a filling would have it made out of mercury. Over time, of course, we have realized just how dangerous mercury is – and that if any part of it was chipped or damaged, that mercury would be leaking into people’s bodies. Now we know that mercury poisoning can cause blindness, deafness, madness, and eventual death, and it is impossible to know just how many illnesses in those times actually started because of bad dental fillings.

After that, dental fillings started to be made out of different materials. San Diego tooth restorations became more commonly made out of other precious metals like gold, which had the added benefit of showing off your health and wealth as you smiled! However, that was also a bit of a disadvantage, because anyone who didn’t want the world to know that they had had a filling wasn’t able to keep it a secret, because it was just so obvious. The color showed up easily in the mouth, and so anyone who had a filling and didn’t want people to immediately notice had to try to talk, laugh, and eat with their mouths quite closed – such an inconvenience, as you can imagine.

Nowadays, however, dental fillings have come a long way, and they use a special material called dental composite when it comes to tooth restorations. This composite is stronger than mercury and gold, and doesn’t leak out as it never cracks. What’s more, it can be made to look exactly like the rest of the tooth, with the same color and consistency so that it blends in completely. This is a huge change from the previous ways of doing dental fillings, and it means that they are now not only much safer procedures to have, but also hardly noticeable, even by the people who know that you are going to have the procedure done!

So where will dental fillings go in the future? Well, it’s hard to tell, but many believe that dental fillings have reached their peak now and simply cannot be improved upon. Why not ask your dentist whether you need a composite dental filling?

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