Guidelines That Will Help Strengthen The Penis

It cannot be ruled out that penis plays the most significant role in making a great sex life. Therefore it is essential to strengthen the penis. There are several pills like generika Levitra  to correct the erectile dysfunction, but a man must follow equally few responsible act. Only then he can provide an excellent sex to his partner.

Proper flow of blood in the penis will lead to make it erect and stay longer to give complete pleasure to the couples. This can be achieved in many ways and exercise is part of it. Follow the guidelines provided below to achieve success.

Penis Strengthening Tips


  1. Practice kegal exercise which is a method of control urine and releases When you practice this, then you will automatically get a hold on the blood flow in the penis. Therefore every day at least twice when you feel like urinating try holding them up to a maximum of 2 mins and then pass urine.
  2. Masturbating itself is not wrong, and under a required situation, you can perform the same. It is better than having unsafe But, do not masturbate often. It will weaken your penis muscle and will lead to all complications.
  3. Never watch porn and stimulate your sexual feeling. Do not use porn for masturbating. You must practice masturbating by counting numbers, and that will help you have control over your erection.
  4. Buy generika Levitra to add value to your erectile function like preventing premature ejaculation and help to hold an erection for a long
  5. Perform pelvic floor exercise and make your entire body fit and that will automatically tighten your penis.
  6. Do not take the stress, as stress will raise the cortisol hormone. This will result in no erection at all. Therefore relax and learn to ignore things that bother your and free yourself from any stress.
  7. Do deep breathing and focus on your penis movement while breathing. Let it expand and relax based on the breathing rhythm. Feel that it is becoming strong.
  8. Mind contributes to most of the health problems. So tune your mind stating that you’re having all control on the erection.
  9. Eat healthy food and drink more water to urinate frequently and make sure you have a good control of all your movement.

These nine simple guidelines will make you feel confident, and hence you can have an erection which lasts longer to enjoy the sex life.