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The most famous testosterone solutions that are used by the athletes and bodybuilders these days are the Bayer Testoviron injections. These injections have been manufactured by the Bayer Schering Company, which is known globally for pharmaceutical manufacture. This company has originated in the Germany and is also a company, which has come back in the year 2006. They tend to manufacture a number of products, including the aspiring to anabolic androgenic steroids. They manufacture prescription only medications, so as to make treatment of a number of medical conditions.

Testoviron is also a product that has been manufactured by the Bayer Company. This steroid is most commonly found in the European countries. This steroid is a blend of two testosterone esters. Some of its examples are listed below:

  • Testosterone enanthate
  • Testosterone propionate
  • Testosterone cypionate

It is believed that there are a number of esters that are attached with asteroid as a base drug like testosterone. This is done, so as to influence the rate of absorption as well as the functions in the body of an individual. The half life of this drug is approximately the one half of the potency of the drug. Also, it could be the major triggering activity that reduces the one half in the body of an individual.

The Testoviron injections are now found easily with the esters of enanthate attached to it. The injections of the Bayer 250 mg are noted for their ability, so as to enhance the tissue building as well as increasing the retention of nitrogen in the muscles. This drug may synthesize a drug and the release of insulin like growth factor manufactured as well as secreted in the liver. Its benefits are sought after by the athletes and bodybuilders. They always pay attention to the recommendations of dosage as well as watch for the side effects.

The most common injections that are sold in the market today are the 250mg injection solutions. Te users must compare the dosage recommendations with a variety of websites of bodybuilding as well as for accessing the bodybuilding forum groups. On an average, the men tend to inject 250 mg to 1000 mg on a weekly basis. These injections are highly anabolic in nature. It is believed that higher the level of estrogen produced in the body of a male and the higher will be the level of estrogens produced , so as to maintain a balance in the level of hormones. IT is believed that the men tend to produce small amounts of estrogen like the women tend to produce testosterone.

The Testoviron may cause several side effects, including weight gain, potential for Gynecomastia, moderate to severe water retention, abdominal bloating, etc. The users are not able to recognize a counterfeited product always. So, there are a number of testing kits are available online. The users must take time to research a seller, so as to find a reliable manufacturer and provider of Testoviron. This is a blend of two testosterone esters.