Do the steroids pose positive effects on the body???

The steroids are termed as the drugs that are recommended by the doctors to be used for medical purposes with a prescription, so as to consider it as its legal use. The steroids, if used without any prescription from a doctor are considered illegal. The individuals when found making use of the steroid illegally, will be sentenced to imprisonment for maximum of 10 years or is supposed to pay a fine or penalty. The steroids are of several types including the anabolic androgenic steroids or the corticosteroids.

Every steroid has some negative as well as the positive effects on the body of an individual. If used in right circumstances and in a responsible manner, the intake of steroids may prove beneficial. The users are recommended to be aware, whether the steroids taken by them is recommended by a doctor or is taken by them illegally, its effects on their body, etc. The users are suggested to conduct a research in context of the side effects and benefits of a steroid. Also, they must weigh the drawbacks and benefits and make a comparison among them.

Positive effects of the steroids:

This has been observed that the effects of the steroid vary from one person to another. This does not remain the same, even though the same steroid in same dosage is taken by both of them, but the experience shared by them are different. Below mentioned are some of the positive effects of the steroids:

  • Enhancement in stamina, endurance and performance
  • Increase in male characteristic features, including deepening of voice, facial hair, libido, etc.
  • Increased size, muscle mass and strength.

It has been told by the healthcare consultants that the responsible intake of the steroids of any kind under the careful supervision of a doctor may always result into beneficial effects on the body of an individual. And, if the steroids are taken inappropriately or in the higher dosage than the dosage recommended by a doctor may enable the users to experience its negative effects on the body.

Short-term effects of the steroids:

Several studies have been conducted and as a result to this, it is determined that the anabolic androgenic steroids have short term effects on the body of an individual and may contribute to the slight increase in strength. This may also provide a small increase in the body weight. It seems like a development in lean body mass, instead of the fat loss. There are several side effects or the negative effects on the body, including adverse reaction on the cardiovascular system, effect on the endocrine system, on lipids and lipoproteins, etc.

 Side effects of the anabolic androgenic steroids

  • Potential impotence
  • Headache
  • Increased potential for depression
  • Increased anxiety
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Testicular atrophy and many more.

Thus, the users are recommended to start taking anabolic steroids or steroids of any other kind at a lower dosage, so as to enjoy its positive effects on the body. Also, it helps in reducing its potential for negative effects to take place.