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A dental implant is an artificial or prosthetic replacement for a lost tooth. As natural teeth consist of the root and the crown, the replacement one would imitate the sim9ilar function instead with titanium screws implanted in the gum tissues over the jawbone. The crown would be the noticeable section that is roofed with white enamel while supporting it is the root that widens till the jawbone. It is the effective part of the tooth that is swapped by an implant.

Procedure of the implant treatment

FREE CONSULTATION – the patient needs to attend a a free consultation as every implant process starts with it. In this, dentists chart a personalized treatment plan according to the condition of the patient. This elaborates what and how the treatments are done. From this you can estimate the type procedure and the cost it entails.

EXAMINATION – After the decision regarding the surgery, a prosthodontist consults you and finalizes the treatment plan. Once the exam is completed, prepare to schedule your surgery program.

DENTAL IMPLANT PROCEDURE – This is the day that your procedure commences. Your jaw line will be filled with necessary dental implants and will be in place as soon as you know about them. You just purchased a new set of your teeth that gives you a reason to cheer and smile about.

AFTERSURGERY CARE– No matter the number of implants you installed, It is very important to identify the causes and symptoms of the implants. These would surely need some recovery period following the appointment and dental implant procedure. The patient should be on healthy diets pertain to soft, liquid, calcium content foods that establishes a better base over the teeth and also ensures good exercise of teeth.

What else to understand about implants?

There are loads of things the patient needs to understand post processing. As the dental implants are located in the jawbone, artificial substitute teeth attached to implants look and act similar to those of natural teeth. Taking care of the implants is as similar to natural ones, one need to regularly clean the teeth using a toothpaste, brush and flossing. Regular rinsing of mouth is mandatory. Your dentist helps you out with each introspect and will show you the right way of cleaning for your implants.

         Regular dental checkups are crucial.  Make sure your dentist has access to everything you go on regarding experience during this implant usage. Make sure you have the right quality and quantity of diet and your implants are in place for at least a few months.

         Regular appointments just take 20 to 40 minutes. As patients are seen by appointment slots only, it is crucial to make a time schedule that allows doctors to make every effort for our patients.

         Regular visits to your dentist or other specialists is very necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the implants or the repairs may be needed if any misplacing.

         Checkups will be planned for the following year just to make sure your implants are working fine. Taking care of your implants is vital as they may get affected by external forces such as accidents etc.

         Implant surgeries doesn’t come under dental insurance plans. As they can cost much more than other types of surgeries, they are not covered in your dental plans.

         Complications can be observed such as infection, bleeding, numbness, injury to nearby muscles, the sinus cavity ruptures etc.

         Signs that the patients can identify would be to find early signs of decay, treating oral health issues early while they are manageable. Consulting the dentist would help immensely.

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