Chemotherapy Hair Loss Solutions for Women

One of the most effective forms of eliminating cancerous cells from the body is chemotherapy, and while it is effective. It also causes total hair loss, which lasts until the treatment is over, when the hair begins to grow normally again. Many women have undergone chemotherapy treatment and had to wear an ill-fitting wig for a few months, which can be tiresome at the best of times. Modern methods for treating total hair loss include the use of hair extensions, which can be precisely weaved into a thin mesh that is attached to the scalp with special surgical tape.

Human Hair Extensions

The latest treatment using extensions for female hair loss uses only human hair, and the extensions are skilfully weaved using a micro-beading technique. Prior to the work commencing, the technicians would discuss hair colour, length and styling, and once the client has selected a style, the mesh is attached to the scalp, and over a period of several hours, the hair extensions are carefully woven in, leaving a full head of natural looking hair.

Natural Care

Once the extensions are firmly in place, you can expect to have about 3 months, then after some adjustment, the extensions can be reused and reattached, and you can swim, play sports and generally enjoy an active lifestyle. Washing and conditioning as normal makes the system look and feel natural, and when your hair begins to regrow, it isn’t hindered by the extensions and can grow at its normal pace, and when it is time, the extensions are removed.

Affordable and Accessible

Online solutions make sourcing a quality hair loss clinic easy, and with branches in all the major UK cities, you are never more than an hour away from treatment. The qualified technicians would discuss the options with you, and once things are agreed, the work can begin, and within a few hours, your hair loss problem will have disappeared. They would typically offer a range of treatments, and would use extensions to treat partial hair loss, which is just as effective. They have the skill and the resources to deal with any female hair loss, and a portion of their clients would be women recovering from chemotherapy treatment, which is not only exhausting, it can seriously affect a woman’s self-confidence.

Safe and Non-Invasive

This is a new non-surgical approach to the problem, and the special mesh is made from composite material and after an initial period of strangeness, the wearer is unaware that the mesh is in place, and the human hair extensions act as real hair would. Removal must be carried out by the technicians, and with some adjustment, the system will remain in place for a few months, which would cover your period of chemotherapy treatment.

While no woman wants to lose all of her hair, when faced with life threatening cancer, it is the best form of treatment, and with modern, non-invasive hair loss treatments, she can retain her self-confidence throughout the treatment.