Botox: so much more than cosmetic

Believe it or not, Botox is so much more than just cosmetic. You may think that the only thing that it is good for is to smooth out those wrinkles and remove that laughter lines, but you could not be more wrong. The once darling of the 1980s Hollywood glamour star is fast becoming an actual medical treatment that doctors are prescribing for certain injuries and illnesses, and it is expected to only increase in utility as we discover all about it. So how exactly did this highly toxic poison become so fascinating and useful to our medical profession?

To understand this, you have to go right to the beginning of what Botox was when we first discovered it: a highly dangerous poison that, when tested, was found to be one of the most dangerous substances that we had found on this planet. Many people do not know that, but nature has created a perfect poison in Botox and for years that is all that it was: an oddity that was incredibly dangerous. However, after a while people started to wonder whether we could actually use this poison for good when it was realized that what the poison did in small doses in humans was temporarily relax the muscles and nerves – not something that you would want on a regular basis, of course, but something that could be incredibly beneficial if you were having a heart operation, and you needed a part of your heart to stop so that the surgeon could access it properly.

The next medical arena to start using Botox as a medicine rather than a cosmetic surgery choice was strangely enough, ophthalmology, or the study of eyes. In cases where a patient has an eye where the muscles do not work properly because they are too tight, a small injection of Botox enables the eye to relax, and then work properly again. This was revolutionary at the time, because it was a risk to start injection such a well-known poison anywhere near the eye – and yet it worked, time and time again. Now scientists and doctors realized the power of what Botox could do, and how it could help patients, and they were eager to discover whether there were any other areas of the body that could be helped with Botox.

After decades of research and experimentation, you would not believe just how many things can be treated and cured by using Botox. Chronic migraines can be treated with Botox, relieving awful pain and tension in the patient, and in a similar way neck pain and back pain can be treated too. Sports injuries such as knee problems respond well to Botox, as does oversweating and allergies that cannot be controlled. Anyone with these sorts of health problems can really find their life limited because of them, unable to do what they want to do on a regular basis – until they have the Botox treatment. Many patients describe it as having their lives back.

It is not wonder that so many LA Botox certification coursesare starting to include the medical use of Botox in their training so that a new generation of Botox administrators can help people. Although Los Angeles Botox courses used to be purely cosmetic, our understanding of Botox has expanded to such a level now that it is essential that any Botox practitioner is able to offer this level of support to their patients. Los Angeles Botox courses are leading the way in Botox training and research: who knows what else we will be able to treat with Botox in the future?