Best Health Benefits Of Amla Juice

Amla or the Indian gooseberry has gained increased popularity since many decades ago because of its nutritional benefits. This is a deciduous tree which grows as high as 20-30 feet. The tree is normally found in India as well as Nepal and this explains why it is commonly known as the Indian Gooseberry. This plant is well known for its small, round and green fruit that bears a sour as well as bitter taste. The entire part of this fruit is edible beside its seed. Amla is generally considered a potent popular for promoting not only good health but also longevity.

Important health benefits of amla
Besides taking the fruit in its natural state, you can also make amla juice which is also considered highly beneficial to a person’s health. Consider the following important benefits of taking amla powder or amla juice:
-Relieving asthma and bronchitis
-Fat burning
-Relieving constipation as well as piles
-Great treatment for gastric disorders
-Purifies blood
-It controls diabetes
-A good soothing agent for inflammation
-Strengthens bones
-Prevention of cancer
-Solving some eye problems
-Treating insomnia
-Promotes oral health
-Solves heart problems
-Promotes longevity while slowing down the aging process

It is the richest in Vitamin C
As you can see, Amla helps in solving a range of health benefits ranging from the most stressful such as heart problems, diabetes, cancer, insomnia, asthma and bronchitis among many others. Indian gooseberry is extremely rich in vitamin c and this explains where the fruits obtains its strengths. Specifically, a single glass of amla juice carries 20 times more vitamin C compared to a glass of fresh orange juice. With this kind of information, one can easily understand why amla is extremely revered in Ayurveda; it is obviously the richest in vitamin C.

The presence of significant levels of vitamin C places amla among the strongest immune boosters so far available to people. This means that, practicing regular intake of amla will help keep you safe from all types of bacteria, fungal and even viral infections.

Rich in proteins and fibers
Besides containing high levels of vitamin C, amla also contains a significant amount of proteins and fibers. It also contains minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus apart from Vitamin A and B.

The health benefits of amla are also felt in the reproductive health of both men and women. In women, amla helps in regularizing their menstrual as well as in strengthening the uterus. As for men, amla helps in increasing potency as well as enhancing sperm count; the most common infertility issues in men.

Generally, health benefits of amla are endless and the list can go on and on. Nevertheless, simply put, if you wish to include a healthy herb in your diet, do not forget to include amla. Its many health benefits will obviously not disappoint you in whatever way. Even as you include this amazing herb in your diet, it would still be considered unwise not to apply for the European Health Insurance Card. Typically, ehic cards comes in handy when you want to receive low cost or even free medical attention when travelling in a member state.