Benefits and risk of large breast implants

While breast augmentation is a common surgery, many women prefer getting large breast implants with today’s trends. If you too are thinking of getting large breast implants for yourself, you have to first be honest with yourself and assure yourself you will be happy with them once the fad stops. This solved, you can consider its risks and benefits:

You have to choose the size of your breast implant based on your personal goals and your anatomy. There is no best size for implants however if you are short or have a narrow chest, large implants may throw your body out of proportion. On the contrary, if you are tall and have a broad chest, a large implant may be just right for you.


Of course, the first and most obvious benefit of large breast implants is that it is visually distinctive. So if you like being unique and stand out of a crowd, large breast implants are meant for you.

If you have large hips, large breast implants can help improve your body proportions. The increase in your chest size helps complement your hips while giving you feminine curves and an hourglass figure.

With large breast implants, you will not regret that you did not go larger and undergo additional surgeries to achieve the look you are looking for.


Large breast implants have a higher risk of complications like stretch marks, capsular contracture, nipple numbness and reduced breast tissue.

·There is the risk of increased and earlier sagging of breasts because of the weight of large implants.

There is the risk and chance of your overestimating the size you want, to end up feeling emotionally or physically uncomfortable with the surgery’s outcome. So approach an experienced plastic surgeon for help with your choice and decision.

Large breast implants weigh more, and can lead to increased strain of the neck, shoulder and back.

·If you are a sportswoman, large breast implants can affect your daily life and physical activities, and even have an impact on your lifestyle.

·As the risk of complications is higher with large breast implants, these complications can lead to an increased need for additional surgeries to correct them.

Last but not least, some people may judge you wrongly by your breast size. These comments and thoughts may have a bad affect on your career and life.

Personal consultation

Considering all the risks and benefits of large breast implants, it is important that you hold a personal consultation with your surgeon to get all your doubts and queries cleared about breast implants. Consider all the risks and benefits related with the surgery, and make your final decision.